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South Gate Optometry offers a wide range of special lens technology choices and specialty frames that can make great eyewear even better.

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Specialty Eyewear

Blue Light Blocking Eyewear

Blue Light
Blocking Eyewear

With the increase of digital technology, many people experience eye strain within only a few hours of screen use. South Gate Optometry eyewear lens options are designed with anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities to help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain. These lenses can be put into any designer frame and can help alleviate the strain caused by digital devices. Find out your options!

Sports Eyewear

South Gate Optometry has the appropriate frame styles and materials to ensure you have adequate protection for all of your sports needs. Offering sports frames that can accommodate both prescription and non-prescription lenses, as well as offering a wide range of lens tints and lens materials. Give yourself a winning edge and get fitted today.

Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Get quality safety glasses that fit well, feel comfortable, and look good. Ask our optical team about protective eyewear that meets ANSI standards for job safety. Don’t risk injuring your eyesight by accidental debris or flying objects.

Specialty Lenses

South Gate Optometry offers wide range special lens technology choices that can make great lenses even better. Popular options include Crizal scratch, smudge, and dust resistant lenses, UV blocking lenses, and Transitions light sensitive lenses that automatically and quickly lighten or darken. We offer high-index materials that make lightweight lenses for even the strongest vision correction needs.