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Transitions GEN 8

Experience a New
Frontier of Performance

With breakthrough technology that darkens and fades faster, Transitions® GEN 8™ lenses deliver:

  • UV Protection
  • Reduced exposure to harmful blue light
  • Even darker outdoor unit
  • Full clarity indoors
  • Lasting protection and comfort

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woman with eye glasses

Our lifestyles are changing and moving faster than ever before. With Transitions GEN 8 lenses, your glasses can keep up.

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Recycling Program

South Gate Optometry is a proud participant of Bausch + Lomb ONE by ONE recycling program and for the first time, you can recycle used blister packs, top foil and contact lenses from all brands!

Help us reduce waste by collecting your contact lenses and their blister packs and simply drop them off at our office for us to recycle.

Medicare Coverage for Eye Exams

Take care of your precious eyesight with Medicare. Regular eye exams help detect eye health problems and general health issues.

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