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Dry Eye
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Are you suffering from itchy, scratchy, watery eyes?

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Anybody who has ever suffered from dry eyes knows just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. While there are several different causes of dry eyes, the result is often the same. Red, itchy, and scratchy eyes that seem to bother you no matter the time of day or night. While there are many different temporary treatment options available on the market, most of our patients never even knew that there was something more that they could do for dry eyes.

The Causes of Dry Eyes

A variety of different environmental factors can cause dry eyes. Days that are highly windy, dry, sandy, or smoky can all irritate our eyes and cause them to dry out. Dry eye itself is caused by the inability of the body to keep up with the production of a special layer of tears that help to coat and lubricate the eye.

In addition to environmental factors, dry eyes can also be caused by allergies, sickness, or an irritant that has entered directly into the eye. Other causes can include natural aging, the inability of your body to produce and secrete the lubrication because of a blocked gland or duct.

When to Get Help

Many causes of dry eye are temporary in nature and resolve themselves within a matter of days. During this time, you can often help to temporarily relieve the discomfort associated with dry eye by using some type of artificial tear solution. However, it is important to note that these products are only designed to be temporary. If you are using them for more than a few days, it is time to schedule an appointment with South Gate Optometry to see how we can make a difference in your vision and comfort.

How to Prevent Dry Eye

Some of the issues that cause dry eye may be avoidable. If you are in areas that are windy, or where irritants are more likely to blow into your eyes, be sure to wear a high-quality sunglass that offers enough protection. Sunglasses are also effective if you will be in bright areas or exposed to UV radiation.

Another factor in dry eyes is often patients who smoke. Quitting smoking for these patients can help to resolve their issues with dry eyes very quickly.

For individuals who work in an office setting or where they are constantly straining their eyes, it is important to take frequent breaks and put yourself into positions where your eyes can relax.

Dry Eye Treatments

The initial steps that we take at South Gate Optometry are to conduct an initial exam. It is important that we understand exactly what is causing the issue and how serious it is before we recommend a treatment plan. Once the exam is completed, we will explain what the issues are and lay out the possible options to help correct the issue.

For many patients, it may be as simple as using an over the counter eye drop. Other patients may require certain medications. However, tear ducts that are removing the moisture from your eyes too quickly can be blocked to help retain some of the moisture on your eyes. We also use the most cutting-edge technologies to help unblock the glands that are responsible for secreting the lubrication. This procedure is often very effective, and comfortable for the patient, and the results are noticed very shortly after the completion of a procedure.


If you have been dealing with dry eye for a few days, or know that it is not a temporary issue, contact South Gate Optometry today to schedule an appointment. Treatment options can vary greatly for each patient, but we want to explore all of the options with you.